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50 érdekesség Robertről


Egyenlőre még csak angolul , de már készül a fordítás.

1.  Robert Pattinson was born on the 13th May 1986 in London.
2.  His fan Website recently asked its fans to stop treating Robert like a "piece of meat" when they see him in public.
3.  His middle name is Thomas.

4.  Up until he was 12, Pattinson's sisters dressed him up as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.

5.  His sisters are Lizzie, a singer/songwriter, and Victoria, who is into politics.
6 .  His Dad wanted him to be an actor.
7.  Twelve was a turning point for Robert - He moved to a mixed school and became "cool" with the discovery of hair gel.

8.  He started acting at age 15 in plays.

9.  He cut his acting teeth with the Barnes Theatre Company in heavy numbers like Shakespeare's Macbeth and Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

10. His first film role was Giselher in Ring of the Nibelungs, quickly followed by the role of Older Rawdy Crawley in Vanity Fair.

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11. He aspires to be like
Jack Nicholson.
12. He height is 6' 1.

13. He enjoys music and is an excellent musician, playing the guitar and keyboard.

14. Robert is a keen sportsman, taking part in everything from football and athletics to skiing and snowboarding.

15. He attended Harrodian private school in London with fellow actor and good friend Tom Sturridge.

16. Got expelled from school when he was twelve.  

17. His fashion sense is inspired by James Dean.

18. For the role of Edward Cullen, Robert flew from England to director Catherine Hardwicke's house to audition. There, he and
Kristen Stewart, who was already cast as Bella Swan, rehearsed the "Love Scene"/"Meadow Scene" on Hardwicke's own bed.

19. Since May 27th, he is also known as Spunk Ransom.

20. Another nickname is Rpatzz.

21. His eyes are bluish grey

22. His hair is brownish blonde

23. He did a paper round for 10 ($20) a week from the age of 10

24. He was obsessed with earning money until he turned 15.

25. Was in a band named Bad Girl that played "rocky stuff".

26. He says he doesn't want to be paid every again, wants to do everything for free - can we have that in writing?

27. Says he is determined to take on really weird roles following his parts in Harry Potter and Twilight.

28.One of his first roles was a small part as a Cuban dancer

29. He played a WW2 pilot in a BBC2 play - The Haunting of Toby Jugg

30. He has an agent in LA

31. He used to throw up on the set of Harry Potter through nerves.

32. He has turned his hand to directing and has directed a play

33. He employed a personal trainer after a costume designer said his body looked like he should be playing a sissy or something.

34. He was not a Harry Potter fan nor had he read any of the books before getting his part as Cedric.

35. He had nightmares about his Harry Potter premiere for months before it happened.

36. He was named' British star of Tomorrow ' by Times online in 2005

37. He would have liked the role of Harry Potter

38. He learned to scuba dive for his Potter role.

39. He asked Michael Gambon for his autograph

40. Rob thinks that he is immature

41. Someone once stole his shoelaces from his shoes.  He now wears the shoes without laces as a sort of signature!

42. He says is no good at accents

43. He has been described as having a rippling brow and matinee idol chin!

44. He's rumoured to be going out with a Brazilian model.

45. He has appeared in an advertising campaign for Hacketts (an up market London men's outfitters)

46. Robert has a thriving Spanish website.

47. His shirtless scenes in Twilight have been scrapped because he 'looked weird'.

48. Robert's own music will feature in Twilight.

49. He got bags of angry letter saying he should not play Edward in Twilight.

50. You can get Roberts biography' Eternally Yours' on $4.99 on Amazon (if there's anything I've left out!)